On the Continuous Integration world tour

April 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’ve finished up our visit to AtTask’s offices in Armenia. It will be a long flight home, but it was great to get some face time with the managers and leads there. As part of this trip, I spoke at the American University of Yerevan to a group of students, project managers, and engineers. The talk was on Massively Continuous Integration, the practice of applying scaling principles to your CI system using the Cloud. Definitely the most purple room in which I’ve spoken.

Massively Continuous Integration: From 3 days to 30 minutes

Honestly, the team did a great job putting on the whole event. We had over 100 people there, with lots of participation both before and after. CI principles aren’t as commonly adopted as I had expected.

The engineering program at this university provides an accredited masters degree. Many of the engineers in our Armenian office are graduates, and we’re looking into the possibility of beginning an internship program as well. I’ve found that with the right mentoring, the delta on productivity between fresh engineers and those with a decade or more of experience can be quite small. It will be interesting to see what can be accomplished in Yerevan in the months ahead.

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